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Established in 2009, Roxskool is dedicated to the the self expression of young music students to master their instruments, and performance prowess.

I ma George Foster, and I am dedicated to teaching young people the skills and discipline of music and performance.  I like to impart all I have learned in my life, in music school, real world experience, and techniques I have picked up, to "young people of all ages." Whether it is technical or just an "awareness of being" in the ZEN sense.. I love the interaction, and cultivation of effort int "execution".

Whether teaching privately, or in the ROXSKOOL classes for performances or songwriting and recording.. I seek to maximize accelerated learning, and create a deep understanding of the structures of music and performance. 

Roxskool is an 8 week program for children of all ages and level of experience.  Students will learn how to master their instrument of choice and perform with other musicians in their age group.   In the final stage of the program, the participants will perform for their friends and families at a professional music venue.

Advanced programs include song writing and audio recording sessions.

We are always looking for new BAND MEMBERS..If you or your musical kids would like more info..Please contact us at GEORGEFOSTERBAND@ME.COM

or call us at


Professional music instructors:

George Foster

Pam Dipesa

Kim Kenson Foster

BANG at the Derby Dolls show, June, 2013

SHOKK at LCS Talent Show  

A young band called bang covers Jeffs boogie by the yardbirds
Recorded on March 13, 2012 using a Flip Video camcorder.
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